Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Gluten Free Casein Free diet for Aspergers/Autism…kid’s perspective

My 12 year old has done so well on this diet and he wanted to tell people about it with me.

Products mentioned:

Biquik gluten free
Bob’s red Mill Homemade Wonderful Bread
Bob’s Red Mill GF Flour

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  1. I'm so glad I found your video. I'm tired of paying for Udi's gluten free bread so I'm going to make the Bob's. Me and my 10 year old daughter have Asperger's and I truly believe in diet to help the body. 

  2. thanks for sharing this video. I'm 29 now and only just found out about diet as a factor. I've had to cut out several other foods that 'cross react' the same as gluten. eggs, soy, corn. The G.A.P.S. protocol is what I'm looking at using. The concept of healing the gut by cutting out inflammatory foods and introducing pro-biotic's and gut soothing foods is something I'm trying now so that I can hopefully add these foods back in later and not need to keep removing foods (if you have a leaky gut you will continue to develop new food allergies to potentially anything you eat). I've stopped getting melt downs, I somehow have more confidence on the phone, my brain fog is virtually non existent, I am also much more motivated and full of energy instead of having a depressed mood and sometimes just zoning out. But still find some foods effect me and will take about 4 days to come right again, so I'm trying to eliminate them. The gluten was the biggest change, then dairy was the next biggest change. But the more steps I take to heal the damaged gut lining and rebalance the micro flora in my gut the more improvements I get. The gut bacteria imbalance I believe was the original cause of this. 

  3. Do you only do gluten free and casein free for your son?My daughter is 2 and we are currently going through the process of an autism screening. So I have done some research and found out about this diet. But what I have heard is GF, CF, AND SOY FREE as well. Wondering if you have heard of this or have tried this? Wondering if excluding soy is necessary. Looking for others perspectives since were new to this. Thanks so much!

  4. The opioid peptides are also in spinach and soy!

    My ADD completely disappeared!! I am 21 years old and can study easily at the University of Amsterdam now.

    No Gluten, Casein, Soy and Spinach. — Yes: 1 raw organic egg yolk a day

    Taking the DPP-IV enzym also helps breaking the peptides apart and take them out of your bloodstream and receptors :)

  5. Thank you so much. Doing research for my son, age 10, who has Asperger's. Your son is so precious. Love him! Mine loves youtube. I'll be sure to let him watch this and we will hunt down your son's channel as well. =)

  6. My wife has discovered the amazing gluten free bread she can make from home made almond flour. Nutrition plays a critical role in mental health. A close friend formulated a natural vitamin/mineral supplement that works wonders for AS, autism, bipolar, and all types of neurological challenges. It has impressive clinical research in over 15 world class universities.
    Your video impressed me that I am sharing it on my Facebook page,
    Thank you

  7. ohhh!! That is so cool! I hope he is impressed with pat's glasses! Pat got all fired up about glasses after watching a guy on here that reviews video games! LOL You never know!

  8. WOW he has a deep voice, he's a very good speaker. I'm loving it. He seems to like his diet he enjoys the bread alot… I'm a bread eater. This was a good video, Thx I had never thought of the foods you eat as a big thing with that. Thx again, Punkin
    Yes I'm gonna sub to his channel, he is awesome he was having alot of fun with his mom…Can you find his cookies, please

  9. Aw, your son is so sweet. Yay, to organic, it is so much healthier. I appreciate your encouragement for others to make positive changes to their diets and lives. Ii love Bob's Red Mill products. Our local market has a health food section with a good amount of that brand available. Thank you, Patrick, I enjoyed meeting you on your debut! :)

  10. What a great first video! He did so well, a natural just like his mum:) I must admit I knew nothing really about this type of diet but I am going to research into it now.
    Well done Patrick you explained it so well :))

  11. Hi Amelia,

    I would highly recommend picking up a bread machine. Target carries one for $30. It will make your life easier 🙂 The Udi bread is a VERY delicious GF store bought bread. Thank you for watching.

  12. Aww your son did awesome for being on youtube for the first time ! And to answer his question on finding bigfoot ..funny enough my mom's best friend's son is on a quest to find him about an hour from where i live:) He might be interested in seeing his videos ..his channel name is Timbergiantbigfoot ,I think he would get a kick out of him on a hunt for Bigfoot 🙂 Great info on the gluten free diet brothers feel and look amazing since they had to change to all gluten free ! xox Lori 

  13. If it was just me, I would have stayed on the diet, but it was too much stress dealing with the conflict it caused. Good for you for keeping up on it. I'm glad it helped your son. My daughter stims too but its gotten better as she's gotten older. We have had good results with OT using AIT, IM and calming techniques. 

  14. I don't know if you remember me, but I used to go to high school with you and lived across the street…anyway, I also have a daughter with Aspergers. This video is interesting as it shows me just how one kid with Aspergers can vary from another. My daughter has lots of social phobias so she'd never dream of video taping herself. LOL. We did GFCF for about 6 months. I didn't notice a big difference. Maybe I needed to do it longer. 

  15. Throughly enjoyed this video! My oldest daughter is 12 and she has ADD…I'm intrigued…I'm off to research this more! I will have more questions soon I'm sure. Tell your son he made me smile :)

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