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Gluten Celiac Disease: Why a Gluten-Free Diet May Not Be Enough! – Do you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance? Then don’t let this happen to you! Ongoing research shows that a gluten-free diet alone is not enough to regain health. Learn what more you need to do from a doctor and expert in the field. –



  1. I am 100 percent better, took DECADES to get the help and the GF food plan but I feel fantastic. love my GF food list. of course we all have in addition to the GF yes list, that personal no list of other foods besides wheat and barley that cause allergy or irritation. I love the list I CAN have. I have never cooked or baked better foods. I also enjoy encouraging others. Thanks for your videos. It took a lifetime but I feel wonderful and symptom free.

  2. Dear Dr. Petersen, I am so happy to stumble across your videos! My son who is 8 has been suffering for 3 years with awful migraines. He was hospitalized twice in 2014 because they got so bad and lasted for days!
    In July he was hospitalized and within minutes if arriving he started having seizures. I have brought him to many doctors trying to figure out what is wrong. Most have tried to push drugs, some suggested it was all "in his head". Not a single person suggested gluten!
    In august I read a book about the effects of gluten and a light clicked! Immediately I removed all gluten from my sons diet and within 3 days he was a different child. He went almost 3 full months without a migraine-which was amazing considering that he was getting them at least once a week!
    In the last 2 weeks he has now gotten 2 migraines. (He actually has one right this minute) what else can I do for him? How can I heal these secondary infections? It breaks my heart to see him in bed crying in pain for days. I feel helpless and all of the doctors we have been to offer up band aides. No one has bothered to get to the root of his issues. Please help. 

  3. Hi, I am 31 years old father of three baby boys. 7 months ago got diagnosed from celiac here in Bulgaria. Lost 14 kilograms weight till i knew what i have. After i got diagnosed i have been sent home saying that you will have to keep gluten free diet for the rest of your life. My wife is doing her best for my diet but like once in a week i get some symptoms like diarrhea. I feel that some foods are causing this and slowing me to get my life back. Also at work the mineral water is causing me a great hot born or tap water which i don't really know why? I Started to loose my hope. Could you please give me the best possible diet , which i will be really thankful to you. 

  4. dear doctor, I really appreciate the infirmation you provide. I have been on gluten free diet for almost 10 months, l lost 20 pounds and felt MUCH better, my headache, fatigue, joint pain, abd pain had all gone. but, from time to time, I still have some issues even with short breath. I went to a doctor, he thought I have Sjogren’s syndrome but the blood test was not certified it. Last Sunday, I had a really serious allergic reaction to avocado, It led me to find out that I maybe have latex allergy. I was an x-ray technician and had been worked in the hospital for 20 years. l had lived a miserable life for over a decade, finally, I found out why. I have pronlems with some fruit but l didn’t see the connection, I thought it was because I have autoimmune disease, but the truth is, latex allergy led to my autoimmune problems. l think you should elaborate more about latex allergy, why gluten free is not enough? l think latex allergy might be one of the reasons. Thanks!

  5. Your videos are very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do them. I have recently been told by my GI that I have IBS. All serious conditions eliminated. I had a feeling that gluten products were affecting me so I took a test(not thru my dr-but a private company)  and it came back that I do indeed have a gluten sensitivity. My GI is telling me not to focus on the gluten aspect and to just focus on the IBS- FODMAP diet but I started eating gluten free anyway and it has made a huge difference in how I feel, sleep, energy levels etc. I also started taking a probiotic daily. My only issue is that I'm still experiencing bloating after eating (no matter what I eat). I have tried to find someone in my area that specializes in this field but have had no luck. Could you recommend someone in the Boston Area?  

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