Paleo Ketogenic Diet


On this particular day my macros came out to be 107 fat, 43 carb (25 fiber), and 112 protein. I also filled a cart with all one ingredient foods for under $50! It can be done my friends. 🙂 Plus, my low carb “mashed potatoes”! They’re incredibly addictive.

If you’re interested in any items from this video they (or the closest I can find on them) are listed here!

Vitamix Blender:
3 pack of Coconut Vinegar:
Liquid Coconut Oil:
Himalayan Sea Salt:
Cuisinart Multi Cooker:

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  1. I dropped 8 pounds. I can not tell you enough about how wonderful the “loli special plan” is. If you aren’t familiar with it, search for it on Google. You’ll be surprised by just what you find out.

  2. That looks like an awful lot of vegetables. One of the reservations I have about keto is that 20 carbs or less doesn't allow for that kind of vegetable intake. I love vegetables and I love being regular, I don't know how that can happen on 20 carbs a day. The asparagus on each plate alone looks like 20 carbs. 'Splain?

  3. More coffee = more dehydration=more herniated disks.Something must be wrong with you since you can't function without coffee.Why so much protein? So your blood glucose will spike and get fatter?

  4. Why didn't you just add clips of your meals together to make a 2 minute video. Seriously, you are all over the place. I feel you talked about your athletic gear and dislocated neck for several minutes. Just an fyi.

  5. why are so many vegans commenting nonsense on your videos? damn overzealous a holes. I just want to say thanks for this video and I'm definitely a new subbie! you rock!

  6. yuck I had some coconut oil from my dad's cabinet and it was from India and made two years ago, it tasted like barf and rat poison put together…. i stilll have it in my protein shake, it's probably gonna explode

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