Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Full Day of Bikini Prep Keto Eating | LOW CARB | PREP SERIES

Full Day of Bikini Prep Keto Eating | PREP SERIES

This was filmed 11 days out from my first show. The only carbs I am consuming are green vegetables three times daily.

Why use MCTs?
Vlog with Protein Ice Cream Recipe:

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  1. Omg that food you have packed up in your lunch baggies looks so good my mouth is watering . When i get over my autoimmune pancreatitis this is what i am looking forward to ,thanks for that.

  2. Do you find you have improved mental clarity and brain function on a keto diet as opposed to low carb diet. I struggle to study on a low carb diet and was considering switching to a keto diet. From what I have read, your brain can function a lot better when it is in ketosis.

  3. Buzz is so cute how excited he gets when you came home, My dog goes potty with her bone in her mouth all the time
    not sure what its all about, but I laughed so hard when I seen Buzz do it as well.

  4. What made you decide to increase your fat? I know you were on 35 fat in your last video.

    Awesome video by the way. Your determination is laudable. Super clean eats too- you go girl ;)

  5. So I shouldn't tell you that I just made your cream of rice/oat bran concoction, huh? Because I put some with English toffee liquid stevia and I can't believe it waited this long to try it. But if it makes you feel better, it did explode the first two times I made it in the microwave….Good luck with peak week!

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