Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Dr. C Demystifies the Gluten-Free Diet

In this revealing video, Reuben K. Chen, MD, sheds new light on non-celiac gluten sensitivity and intolerance. To hear more from Dr. C and get information on Sunrider or Sunfit, please go to or Thanks!



  1. Dr. Chen, Greetings from a 25 year user of Sunrider. If you say that gluten isn't the problem, then are you saying your Sunbars are safe for celiacs to eat? Because we all know there are no bad sugars in them. I have a few friends that are afraid to eat them.

  2. I used to refer to myself as gluten-free, because I was cutting out unnatural processed carbs, then all the products came out that have double the carb content than regular gluten containing products… Which I wouldn't eat anyway because they're processed foods… Now i call myself HFLC… I eat low carb vegetables, berries, nuts, eggs, dairy, and meat. So now people say I'm on Atkins… So many people with uninformed opinions on how I should live my life, and what I should eat…. All I have to say is that the leading next gen drug to treat diabetes is Invokana, it robs your body of glucose and forces you into ketosis. This can be accomplished by simple diet changes… Lower carb intake to below 80 grams a day, add natural fats like butter, cold pressed olive oil, lard, beef tallo, and coconut oil to your diet, and adequate protein… Look at that, you "cured" your diabetics… But no, sell a drug that does it for you, with side effects… And tell people the diet changes are bad…

  3. I was on a raw veggie diet for while (the only think I cooked was beans and potatoes) and it helped my blood pressure. My friend introduced me to Sunrider so I am wanting to get back to a healthy diet again and include some supplements…

  4. Hi dr C, I'm a 10 yr Sunrider now and have tried to stay GF along with my son. It's all so confusing. My up line pushes no grain at all. What do you say about trends like no grain diet…grain brain? Laura

  5. We've found that the typical combining of protein and carbs in the same meal can cause this discomfort  – check out the # 1 book on food combining:  Fit for Life, by Harvey Diamond

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