Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Cancer & The Ketogenic Diet – Dr. Brent Reynolds (Full Interview)

Dr. Brent Reynolds
Department of Neurosurgery, University of Florida

Brent Reynolds, PhD

2016 1st Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis & Metabolic Therapeutics – Tampa, FL



  1. What is 'painful' about the ketogenic diet?  Sure, there is the adaption phase, but being sure enough water, enough salt – easy to do when Himalayan pink or Redmond natural trace mineral salts, with delicious flavor, are used – and enough magnesium are taken makes this adaptation phase much easer.It's not hard to enjoy bacon and eggs.  Or cream and cheeses.  Or a juicy well-marbled steak with or without a traditional cream and egg yolk sauce, or simply some buttere melted on top, or garlic butter!  Or luscious lamb!  Or chicken with the skin.  Or salads with feta or blue cheese and olive oil and a little apple cider of balsamic vinegar.  Or vegetables with butter or creamy sauces.  Or coconut oil and/or butter in coffee.  Or a 'latte' with heavy cream only (you won't even miss the sugar)!   Or coconut or avocados.  None of these foods are difficult or time-consuming to prepare, either.Staying on high sugar / high starch diets have inertia behind them… but even in the absence of cancer, the myriad of negative effects of the blood sugar spikes & drops are pretty 'painful' – especially over time.  The one difference may be that most people are not yet aware how bad those foods make them feel, aside from the 'fix' these addictive foods provide.

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