Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!



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The MEAL PLAN! It seems like this topic has been blown so out of proportion, with so many different “tricks” over the years, that a lot of us just say “whatever” when it comes to counting their calories and macros.

This video will show you EXACTLY how to calculate your daily macronutrient intake needs. For more information on how to calculate your macronutrient (protein, carb, fat) intake please see the FULL ARTICLE here:…

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(0:26)- Link To Meal Planner:…
(0:40)- What you need to know!
(1:00)- My Info & Calculations
(2:41)- Protein Multiplier
(3:27)- Fat Multiplier
(4:12)- Converting Macros from GRAMS to CALORIES
(5:19)- Carb Multiplier
(6:41)- My Daily MACROS!
(7:59)- Carb Intake Guidelines
(9:09)- My FINAL Daily MACROS!
(10:22)- Promo Code For FREE One Month Trial of my meal plan!



  1. im a woman and I want lean muscle gain and ou calculator said that I need to be eating 350g of carb.. Isnt that too much for a girl? Im worried that im going to gain to much fat. I gain fat easily .

  2. how do you keep track of what's in your food? I know the information is on the back so when you cook it yourself you can calculate how much carbs/ protein/ fat you're getting but what about when you hit a restaurant or just can't understand the label

  3. Scott, you're subscribing to the old pseudo-science of lifting.

    Honestly, do you know how much the average guy would have to spend a day/month/year to do these insane meal plans? I know broke guys that are ripped, and don't do the "5 meals a day, 8000 calories, 10,000 grams of protein, 2x16x37/18×6.25=Who fuckin'cares?-amount of carbs a day", they just eat enough so that they're not hungry, get protein, and lift. You have some primitive hunter gatherers thar are stocked as hell, and damn sure don't eat this much, and don't rven have access to supplements.

    I'm a "hard gainer". I can eat 8000 calories a day and not gain a damn thing; however, I put down all the bullshit info and jusr started experimenting. Eating and lifting was enough. PBJ, sandwiches, Oatmeal, Milk, Eggs, Nature Valley Protein bars, Serious Mass Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard Whey Optimum Nutrition, and Animal Pak. I got JACKED, and FAST. I looked like a fitness model in a year and a half. Funny thing is, I wanted to get even bigger, hired a personal trainer at Gold's, and LOST SOME OF MY GAINS trying to do the shit you're saying right now. I agree with your workouts, but stop subscribing to the calorie and macro myths that float around the community.

    I'm going to catch a lot of heat for this, but pr8soners are some of the buffest dudes around, they get I believe 3 meals, rice, an orange and a ham sandwich, have no supplements, and are JACKED. I no you"ll say "increased testosterone and more rest" are to blame, but that's not true at all (I'm a biology major). Protein is the buulding block of muscle, and these guys are protein deficient in most cases. They damn sure aren't getting their body weight and a quarter, of protein a day, yet they're bigger than the guys that do.

    workout hard – go to failure on all sets, superset EVERYTHING, just eat, try to get in as much protein as possible without going apeshit, and rest 5hrs a night, and you will get BIG!

    Cavemen were muscular and they didn't know what the fuck macros were.

  4. Great video Scott… I have followed your meal plan for 3 months with Training…… and guess what I have dropped 4 inches from my waist line……. previously I was training for 2 months….. but was not getting any results….. but after combining your meal plan to my gym workout…. I have lost fat and gained muscle….. I am a regular watcher of your channel and learnt so much from you…. But I would say that nothing in the world can replace an IN PERSON TRAINER…. Trainer that guides and acts as a spotter you when you are doing your workout…. My trainer was the bEsT in training but he lacked the knowledge of diet…. you filled that gap…. Thank you.

  5. What is the website of the calculator you showed when you're gonna calculate your BMR ( # + # = Answer then divide it by 2…the calories you need to maintain weight)

  6. We tried this diet program myself having seen how my colleague benefited from it. Currently, I`ve dropped 16 and a half pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan”. I feel much better after trying this kind of life-altering diet.

  7. I'm a registered dietitian, and I just wanted to clarify some common mistakes here:
    -your protein should be calculated in grams per kilogram of your body weight. there are 2.2 lbs per kg, so you are suggesting 2x as much protein as necessary
    -.5 carbohydrates should be multiplied by your total calories, not your lean body weight. in order to properly fuel your muscles, your diet should be 45-50% carbohydrates. yes, your muscles are made of protein but they run on carbohydrates.

  8. I calculated my macros based on the guide presented in this video and I believe I did something wrong but not sure what
    My BMR average is 3549
    Protein is 174 grams/696 calories
    Fat 58 grams/522 calories
    but then all of a sudden i come across
    582 grams for carbs which I know has to be wrong but based on the guide that's what i get, can anybody please help?

  9. Great video Scott , quick question…
    How do you figure out resting bmr and active bmr? I'm currently at 23% body fat and my goal is 10%. I want to cut body fat and put on lean muscle. Would you recommend a -250 calorie deficit? or more? Do you offer a service by any chance that helps a person figure out there macros to reach thier goals?


  10. hey scott i want to know that whats the correct time to measure my body weight to track my macros…and how to measure body fat % with out any specific equipment because there is no such type of equipments in my country pls help me with this….

  11. Best video on meal plan I have seen on YT.
    200gs of protein sounds expensive. Anyone have any tips on cheap/protein dense foods? Cannot eat a kilo of beef every week.

    How much can I expect to spend a week (just on protein)?

  12. Thanks Scott for the video it's one of the best educative videos I ever seen. You my missed one important point Which can affect the whole calculations (body fat). I've seen different estimation methods what's the best way to calculate body fat?

  13. This is really one of the best systems I've seen — thanks for the video, I've just used the BMR calculator on your website and the video to make a basic meal plan re the macro's. I guess there's more calculation needed, since most foods contains two or perhaps all 3 macros in it, and one needs to be super careful what one drinks. Either way, I'm grossly obese at around 35 – 40 % bodyfat, but have started working out, so there's a lot of hard work ahead ! I prefer, aside from necessary vit/min/omega3 supplements, to completely stay away from any other kind.

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