Paleo Ketogenic Diet

BEST CHICKEN RECIPE EVER! – Ketogenic Diet – Kevin Hunter HOW TO SERIES. The Ketogenic Diet is quickly becoming the most popular diet in the world! Not just because it helps you lose weight, but tons of research continues to prove that it’s the ticket to your health. This slow baked chicken recipe is to die for, and it fits perfectly into a diet rich in good fats. The right fats not only support keeping you in full blown ketosis, but the health benefits are astounding. This is one recipe you’ll have to keep under wraps, because the first time you make this and allow your neighbors to try it, you won’t be able to keep them out of the house the next time they smell it.

By far, this is the best recipe for chicken that I have ever tasted! – Kevin Hunter, Host of TBFS Radio – The Business Forum Show

Dietary information is as follows:

This meal as presented is 8 servings (4 lbs of cooked chicken)
Total Caloric breakdown per serving: 383 Calories
Fat 30.9 Grams 72.7%
Carbs 1.5 Grams 1.9%
Protein 24.6 Grams 25.73%
Vitamin A 20.4%
B-12 2.0%
D 7.8%
E 2.5%
Calcium 5.0%
Magnesium 1.1%
Phosporus 4.2%
Riboflavin 3.5%
Selenium 1.1%
Zinc 1.1%
… and many other vitamins and minerals in trace percentages.



  1. It was in the oven for 3 hours under a foil on 135celsius and it was still pretty "hard". It was cooked, but not that soft like in the video. Then I put it back on 150celsius=300 fahrenheit for another hour, it's still hard. What's wrong?

  2. I LOVE this recipe. I have made it twice to take to work, and it's all I can do to leave it alone so I have it for that! I was just sorta wondering what it would be like if I substituted cream of chicken, or cream of mushroom for the heavy cream or some of it? Has anybody tried that? Thanks for the RECIPE Kevin!

  3. omgoodness, My family is bananas over this recipe… TY. I use the chicken in EVERYTHING… Keto Sushi, scrambled eggs, Between bread with cheese, on salad, in egg salad, in place of tuna…etc

  4. Hi, Kevin thanks for that interesting info I,v read such and saw reports about healthy fat I usually use animal fat ,butter olive oil and butter but I did not put the huge amount I,m 52 and I,m in good shape never use corn or palm or other vegs. oil other than olive
    the point is I like the way you did the chicken breast and I tried it with the smaller portion of butter and it works fine with me .
    the last I,v question how about the fat in the cheese because I,m confused and always try to avoid cheese ?

  5. I'm trying this tonight…yes, wish the nutritional info was here…but that's alright…i'm using less chicken…so not sure if it will still take 3hrs or not…and they are thinner pieces…i lost a whole package of chicken somehow that had bigger pieces and more of them…lol…i guess it…flew the coop…;)

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