Paleo Ketogenic Diet


  1. First off, you are awesome and the videos are awesome. Secondly I have had my own success in the past with Keto loosing nine inches around my waist in only three months. It wasn't until two years later after I had put all of the weight back on that I stumbled upon you and learned what Keto is. Having Celiac and thusly needing to avoid grains Keto seems the logical choice. Have you done any videos regarding Celiac disease or gluten intolerance and how a keto diet could assist and the differences people would feel? It just seems to me that so many could benefit with Keto but many reguse to give up their bread not knowing how bad it is for them and that many of those people are ignorant to the effects of gluten. Also could you do a video on how gluten affects all of our bodies, not juet those alergic. Especially since most are unnaware of the effects it plays, perhaps of they knew they would go Keto

    Sorry for the ramblimg, i just got out of the gym and am shifting into Keto and feeling the enhanced energy. Anyways I love your channel and look forward to seeing how to enter for your challenge.

    Peace and longevity be with you.

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