Paleo Ketogenic Diet

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  1. Looking forward to the challenge, just wanting to get dialed in a little better. Only been able to get 0.6mmol/L per the Precision Xtra, despite staying below 20g Carb, sometimes total, so looking to improve there, as well as the mineral nuances, that seems to be a bit of a area I have not been dialed in on. As well as a few other things…..lets go!!!!!

  2. I can't wait for this, I paid quite a bit of money for a keto diet coach-followed them EXACTLY and have not lost weight, maybe a few inches. Was in ketosis within one week bc I did follow the program BUT I'm Totally disappointed. They figured out that I'm insulin resistant-hence, ZERO loss in 9 weeks. I check my glucose every am-fasting-and it's normal, check the blood Ketones every Sunday, low results ($$ strips so I don't check everyday) and follow my macros.
    You are the hope I need to keep this up, I've done juicing, smoothies, Atkins, vegan, vegetarian and raw foods. NOTHING helped me find the weight of 125# that I had my entire adult life.
    How specific will you be with the challengers who follow this 30 day protocol, I'd like to get into the keto routine that keeps me healthy and balanced as I grow older (I'm 60). I've been following you for 6 months now and listen to your videos all the time. YOU ARE THE BUSINESS.

  3. Hi Stephanie, i have a question for you, what do you think of doctor jeff volk's theory, he's telling people to consume more sodium (slat) to keep their electrolytes balanced, he's not telling people to consume much potassium etc, your body will even things out I'm keto if you have enough sodium 

  4. Some people can have a problem with digesting well their carbohydrate? I had some sugar / gluten / lactose issues but when I sleep at night, I can't breath and seems my stomach has a heavy metal anvil inside and forces me to get up.?!?! is it possible to really be under 50/day carbo? yikes…needs help

  5. So much I don't know…. But I love your videos!
    Over the last few years I have been on a "natural carb/low fat" diet…. I plateaued…. And now have all the symptoms of said diet.
    Over the last 2 weeks I have merged into a more keto-like diet (thanks to you!) and I feel soooooooo much better! Thank you, you beautiful lady!

  6. Stephanie, I'm currently shopping for one of those glucose/ketone testers.What do I need to look out for and what else do I need to get with the meter ? How often does one need to check the levels ? Trying to get the best deal ,but have no idea how many strips will I need. Please advise !

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